#BowlingOdyssey2010 Pictures!

These are my pitifully bad Blackberry photos, but here goes...
We warmed up on Saturday night with a little tenpins action.

Saturday night tenpins

Then, on to the main event: karaoke bowling at the duckpins center! We just bowled. In the dark. Not the best introduction to duckpins for first-timers, but fun was had.

Karaoke bowling!

Sunday afternoon was for duckpins. In the light this time, heh.


DUCKPINS Fall 2010 Pictures!

First, a little pre-bowling libation, yum!

pre-duckpind libation

Here is Poppet, my enthusiastic bowling partner.

my bowling partner

Okay, so Poppet can be a BRAT sometimes...

Poppet is a brat!

Yes, those things there. Knock them down.

the pins!

And a movie!

Well okay, "English" after the fact ain't gonna get that last pin down...